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Continuing Education Webinars

Doors to Well-Being
Certified Peer Specialists in Crisis Services
September 26, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Anyone certified as a CPS by the GA CPS Project is required to obtain 12 hours of Continuing Education each calendar year.  These can be obtained by attending trainings offered by the GA CPS Project and the GA Mental Health Consumer Network through its various initiatives, or other recovery oriented trainings. Continuing Education Workshops sponsored by GMCHN are open to all Georgia Certified Peer Specialists.

Training hours that count toward Contact Hour Credit are primarily direct skills training in CPS-specific topics or peer support specific training. WRAP training, Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR), Peer to Peer Homeless training, Peer Mentoring training and Peer Support Whole Health training offered by GMHCN are considered by the Project for Contact Hour Credit.

Training offered by the DBHDD is not always recovery oriented and so is not always counted. DBHDD training is often clinically focused and primarily for clinical/mental health/treatment professionals. Often, training offered by a particular agency does not necessarily count toward CPS Project continuing education

In order to receive credit hours, the training must specifically relate to a skill set that enhances a CPSs’ ability to partner with their peers in assisting them in obtaining their personal recovery goals or in strengthening their ability to form and maintain peer relationships.

If there is a question about a particular training, the CPS Project Director can assist in determining whether it can count toward credit.

It is the responsibility of the CPSs to maintain their own records for trainings that are not a function of the GA CPS Project or GMHCN.

In order to obtain credit for any Continuing Education, a copy of the certificate for the training must be sent to the GA CPS Project offices either by mail or by fax at 404-687-0772. The certificates will be filed in the personal file of the CPS, and the data will be entered into the CPS Database.